If you are selling your property, ask our experienced conveyancing solicitors for help. We can manage the transaction from start to finish, leaving you free to do all those other tasks, like finding a new home and packing your belongings.

If you are also buying a new property, we can handle both the sale and purchase on your behalf. This provides a continuity of service, making the entire process more efficient and less stressful.

To speak to our conveyancing solicitors, call us now on either call us on either 01938 552545 / 01686 625134, email us at enquiries@harrisonsllp.com or complete a free online enquiry to discover more.

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Do I need a conveyancer?

If you are selling your property, you might wonder if you need to use a conveyancer. You have likely heard of DIY conveyancing and might be keen to give it a go.

Before you do so, please remember that selling a property is a legal transaction. As such, it is full of complexities. Unless you have the right training, it can be a difficult process to navigate. Also, as a seller, you have a number of responsibilities to fulfil. If you make a mistake or do not disclose certain information to the buyer, you could be held accountable. This could prove costly.

So, while DIY conveyancing can work for some, it is not recommended. Instead, ask our experienced conveyancing solicitors to manage the property sale for you. This means you can hand everything over to one of our legal experts, minimising the risk of mistakes, expediting the process, and limiting the amount of stress involved.

Selling a property – the process

No two property sales are the same. The process depends on various factors, such as whether the property is freehold or leasehold, and whether or not you are in a chain. The starting point is accepting an offer from a buyer. After this, you should instruct a conveyancing solicitor. Your solicitor will –

  1. Carry out proof of identity checks
  2. Send you a property information form and fittings/contents form to fill out
  3. Obtain the title deeds
  4. Prepare a draft contract
  5. Obtain a mortgage redemption statement
  6. Answer any pre-contract enquiries made by the buyer
  7. Exchange contracts and hold the buyer’s deposit
  8. Check the transfer deed
  9. Complete the sale and release the keys to the buyer
  10. Send the transfer deed and title deed
  11. Discharge the existing mortgage and pay any other fees due
  12. Transfer any remaining money to the seller

If you are also buying a property, you probably want your sale and purchase to align. Otherwise you may have to cover the cost of two properties, or find rented accommodation on a temporary basis.

Conveyancing solicitors

Are you selling a property? If so, the conveyancing team at Harrisons Solicitors can help you. Whether your priority is a fast and efficient sale, or a smooth transition between your old property and your new one, we tailor our service according to your needs.

We know that people are often concerned about legal fees. That is why we are happy to discuss the likely costs of your transaction, before we start any work. You can also read more about our residential conveyancing costs.

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