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Family and Matrimonial Law

  1. Separation – to include advice to unmarried couples  who need legal advice following separation due  to arrangements that need to be made in respect of shared children or property.
  2. The divorce  process and  procedure
  3. The dissolution of civil partnerships
  4. Children – Provide advice in respect of the law in relation to children and how this impacts upon the arrangements to be made and  can specifically assist by:
    • Providing a framework for the  constructive resolution of  outstanding issues  in relation to the arrangements in respect of a child.
    • Advice in respect of making an application to the  Court for a Child Arrangements Order or a Specific Issue or Prohibited Steps Order if necessary.
    • Advice in respect  of emergency applications that may be required in order to safeguard a child.
    • Advice in respect of public law proceedings in relation to children.
  5. Financial Matters – We advise on aspects  of the financial  implications of  divorce to include:
    • Advice on the preservation of assets upon divorce.
    • Financial claims following divorce.
    • Any legal  obligations to maintain a  spouse  or child.
    • Pensions upon divorce.
    • Advice in respect of your business and  how it may be affected upon divorce.
  6. Protection of assets  on contemplation of marriage – We advise in respect of the preservation of assets when parties are  in contemplation of either marriage or forming a  cohabiting relationship.  We can assist by:
    • Preparing  a Cohabitation Agreement.
    • Preparing a Pre Nuptial Agreement.
    • There are frequent misunderstanding about the status of Pre-Nuptial Agreements so if this is relevant to you we advise you to read our guide to assist you in your decision making. Click here to read more about Pre-Nuptial Agreements:>
  7. Domestic Violence We provide emergency advice in situations where there  has been domestic violence and  can assist with an emergency application to Court if necessary in order to protect an individual who is the victim of domestic  violence.

We will deal with your case efficiently and sensitively and in accordance with your priorities. Whether you just want to informally discuss your options with us or wish to take the next step straightaway we will be able to help.

Meinir Wyn Jones is a leading lawyer within the Family Team at Harrisons with over 9 years post qualification experience. She is also a member of Resolution.

Meinir is committed to assisting couples resolve issues of conflict arising as a result of their divorce or separation. Family Law involves advising on all of the significant judgements that a party needs to make with regard to their children and finances and often their business at the time of the separation. In addition there can be complex multi jurisdictional issues arising as a result of international marriages or assets retained in alternative jurisdictions. Meinir has extensive experience in these matters.

Many couples who are separating wish to avoid going to court and as a result as a firm we are also committed to offering family mediation and collaborative law as a means of alternative dispute resolution. Both provide a framework to enable parties to make their own decisions with regard to significant issues affecting them but whilst providing guidance and advice throughout the process. If court is unavoidable we also have the strength and expertise to guide parties through the litigation process from the smallest of disputes to the most contentious and our team has expertise in dealing with multi jurisdictional issues, the dissipation of assets overseas, applications made in relation to leave to remove children from the jurisdiction and at times emergency applications requiring the court to make an order to freeze assets which may be at risk of dissipation. Our team has experience in dealing with low level claims to those where the assets in dispute run into many millions.

Should the need arise Harrisons are able to advise on all aspects of Social Services interventions where children are concerned and fostering and adoption.

Whatever your circumstances Harrisons are committed to help you resolve your family problems.

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