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Corporate Law

Whether you are setting up a new business or reviewing your existing structure Harrisons’ team of Commercial Solicitors have the experience to help you. 

The right business structure for you will depend on far more than just the size of your business and you will need to consider important factors such as limiting your liability, taxation, distribution of profits, the likelihood of selling your business or share, passing your business or share down to your children, the need to raise finance and external investment.

Getting the structure right at the outset can avoid hidden surprises and potential disputes in later years leaving you free to get on with the day to day task of running your business.

Harrisons’ team of Commercial Solicitors have the experience in dealing with all kinds of businesses from new business start ups through to PLCs. We can deal with all aspects of your structure and business including:

  • Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership Agreements
  • Joint Venture and Shareholder Agreements
  • Company Formation
  • Franchises
  • The transfer of your business from one structure to another
  • External / Private equity investment
  • Raising Finance

We can also offer more general advice on:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Business know-how
  • Terms of Business
  • Working closely with your accountant we can assess your long and short term needs and prepare a business structure tailored to suit them.

Estimates will be provided for the legal costs of transactions and will be discussed and agreed with you up front. Our objective is to avoid surprises and tailor our service to meet your commercial needs. Alternatively clients may wish to retain us for on demand advice with problems as they arise and based on their urgency.

Whatever the problem – your initial call to our business team to appraise the issue and assess what you need, does not commit you to using our services. It is useful to bear in mind that most problems benefit from being tackled early.

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