Neighbour disputes are deeply distressing and need to be resolved as quickly as possible.

If you have fallen out with your neighbour, your home might have become a battleground – when in fact, it should be a sanctuary. We understand how upsetting this is and want to help you.

Our residential property team works alongside our litigation and dispute resolution team to settle neighbour issues. We work diligently to secure a positive outcome on your behalf, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable in your home once again.

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Types of neighbour dispute

Whether you live in close proximity to your neighbour or the nearest house is a mile down the road, neighbour disputes can arise for all sorts of reasons. Some of the most common include –

Whatever the nature of your neighbour dispute, it is always best to attempt an amicable resolution first. If you can, speak to your neighbour and see if there is any way you can resolve your differences.
If this is not possible, or you feel too intimated to approach your neighbour, do not hesitate to involve a legal expert.

Resolving neighbour issues

At Harrisons Solicitors, we know how upsetting a neighbour dispute can be. You should feel relaxed in your home, not angry or anxious.

If you are having issues with your neighbour, our residential property team works alongside our dispute resolution team to achieve a positive outcome. This collaborative approach allows us to combine our legal expertise for your benefit.

For example, if there is a disagreement regarding a boundary line, our property solicitors can check the deeds to clarify whether one party is in the wrong. The same goes for disputes regarding rights of way. We can investigate whether there are any easements attached to the property, and if so, what this means for you.

Our litigation and dispute resolution team can then use their skills to settle the matter as efficiently as possible, whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation through the courts.

Solicitors for neighbour disputes

Neighbour disputes can quickly escalate. If action is not taken promptly, the situation can soon end in stalemate where neither side wants to back down. This can make your living arrangements extremely unpleasant, as you have to face this dispute on a daily basis.

That is why early legal advice from an experienced solicitor is so important. It is in everyone’s best interests if the issue is sorted sooner rather than later, or it could take its toll emotionally and financially.

At Harrisons Solicitors, we aim to be your trusted partners in all legal matters. So, if you currently dealing with a neighbour issue, contact us to discuss your options. Do not suffer in silence – there is action you can take.

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