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Resolving Court of protection disputes

When someone loses mental capacity, it can produce all kinds of disputes between friends and family members.

The Court of Protection is tasked with resolving these disputes. For example, the dispute could relate to –

  • Disagreements over whether the person has actually lost mental capacity
  • Objections to a particular person becoming an attorney
  • Objections to a particular person becoming a deputy
  • Concerns that an attorney or deputy is not acting in your loved one’s best interests, or is unable to fulfil their duties
  • Disagreements over health and welfare decisions, such as where your loved one will live or what medical treatment should be provided
  • Contesting a Deprivation of Liberty Order

If you are involved in a Court of Protection dispute, we can represent you throughout. Our priority is to protect you and your vulnerable family member. We can use our legal expertise to help you achieve that.


The Court can deal with objections to the registration of LPA’s or EPA’s and can intervene after registration if an LPA or EPA isn’t being operated appropriately.


Sometimes when a person is making an application to become a Deputy or a Deputy who is making decisions that you are not happy with then it is necessary to make an application to remove a Deputy, to prevent a Deputy from being appointed or to request that a professional Deputy acts in their stead. This is particularly important if you believe that a Deputy is abusing their authority or is likely to do so.


A Deprivation of liberty or (“DOLS”) Order is an order to provide care and treatment for certain vulnerable people.    Hospitals and Care Homes can legally restrict the freedoms of such an individual as long as they follow the deprivation of liberty safeguards.  Our Solicitors are able to give you advice in relation to a deprivation of liberty and, if you believe these restrictions are unfair, our Solicitors can help you challenge them. 


Our Solicitors can help you make emergency applications to the Court if there is a decision that must be made urgently on a

vulnerable persons behalf. This can be in relation to financial abuse that needs to be stopped as well as medical intervention that is being prevented or withheld


Powers of Attorney 
Resolving Court of Protection disputes

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