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Welshpool Office: 01938 552545
Newtown Office: 01686 625134

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)

The OPG is responsible for maintaining the register of LPAs and deals with representations about how attorneys appointed under LPAs are exercising their powers.

In particular they:

  •  deal with concerns expressed about someone who is acting under a power of attorney.
  • register LPA’s and then maintains the public register of LPA’s and deputy’s
  • supervise deputies and make sure the carry out their duties under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 appropriately
  • look into reports of abuse against registered attorneys and deputies.

When any concerns or issues of this nature it is often difficult to know how to approach the subject with usually close family members.  We can help you deal with those issues sensitively and in a timely fashion.

We an advise you fully before any steps are taken and deal with the reports on your behalf.

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