Don’t be like the disgruntled builder who took a digger to a brand new Travelodge when he hadn’t been paid.

Allegedly, the driver was angry about £600 he was owed by contractors. So he drove a mini-digger around the reception area for 20-30 minutes, leaving it completely destroyed. A bystander recorded the incident, and the video went viral.

What this means to you

As will usually happen in these cases, the police are now investigating the matter.

If you have a complaint about unpaid wages (or any other employment problem), direct action is likely to land you in trouble and isn’t going to help your case.

Don’t put yourself in that position.

Both employers and employees have clear processes and rights in these situations.

Whether you’re an employee or a self-employed contractor or an employer, we can help to resolve your problem, explain your options and the likely outcome.

We help with everything from initial contracts to employment tribunals (including disputed debts), keeping everyone calm so you get the best possible result.

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