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Guide to our legal costs for Businesses and Individuals in Employment tribunals

Unfair dismissal and Wrongful dismissal claims can range from very straightforward to complex, we ensure that your claim is dealt with by suitably qualified staff but always supervised by a Senior Solicitor. We can help as much or as little as you require and pride ourselves on our price transparency.

The timescales for an unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal Employment Tribunal claim matter range typically from 3 months to 9 months, dependant on factors such as how busy the tribunal system is, whether you are able to resolve the dispute by agreement without resorting to a final hearing, and whether case involves other claims such as discrimination. If your claim is particularly complicated or involves contentious area of law, the case may take longer to resolve.

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Here at Harrisons the price for bringing or defending an unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal Employment Tribunal claim prices typically range from £1,000 to £15,000 and are exclusive of VAT dependant on a number of factors including

  • Whether you require ad hoc advice and assistance only where we would charge for the time we spent advising and assisting, but you would carry out the majority of the work required
  • Whether you will need all preparation and drafting of required documents to be undertaken by Harrisons.
  • Whether your claim involves a substantial dispute about the facts of the case
  • Whether your claim primarily relies on documentation or witnesses
  • The volume of evidence involved in the case
  • Whether your claim involves well established principles of law, or contentious area of law
  • Whether there are issues that indicate that a preliminary hearing is required to establish if the final hearing should go ahead.
  • Whether the matter is settled out of the tribunal process at an early stage, with or without the assistance of ACAS.

The case could be more expensive in complicated cases, or if it is combined with another claim such a discrimination or whistleblowing claim.

Harrisons provide you with a bespoke costs estimate in the very early stages of your case

Harrisons also regularly review the costs of your costs and keep you informed if the original costs estimate needs any revision, and if it does, why.

Harrisons also generally issue monthly bills so that you can keep a track on costs as they are incurred.

Our charges also vary in respect of the qualification and experience of the person dealing with your case. The hourly charge out rates applicable are:

  • Trainee Solicitor / Trainee Paralegal £90 & vat per hour
  • Paralegal £126 & vat per hour
  • Legal Executive £150 & vat per hour
  • Senior Legal Executive with over 4 years experience £177 & vat per hour
  • Solicitor with between 0-4 year post qualification experience £177 & vat
  • Senior Solicitor with between 4-8 years post qualification experience £218 & vat
  • Senior Solicitor with over 8 years post qualification experience £225 & vat

Our price does not include external costs associated with an Employment Tribunal matter, such as the cost of instructing a barrister. The costs of instructing a barrister depends on their experience, location and travelling time, and whether they are involved in the final hearing only, or if there are preliminary hearings or advice required in writing or conference. There are currently no employment tribunal fees to Her Majesty’s Court’s and Tribunal Service but the government are considering whether to re-introduce these fees.

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