All firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority are required to publish a summary of their workforce diversity data. All individuals who work at Harrisons Solicitors LLP have been encouraged to take part in our survey, but are under no obligation to do so.

To comply with Data Protection rules we have summarised the data obtained in such a way as to ensure no individual can be identified. A summary of the data provided by those who responded to our survey is summarised below.

Role Categories

Solicitors and other fee earners                                 41%

Managerial and support staff                                      59%

Prefer not to say                                                         0%


16 – 24                                                                        6%

25 – 34                                                                        6%

35 – 44                                                                        29%

45 – 54                                                                        35%

55 – 64                                                                        18%

65+                                                                              6%

Prefer not to say                                                         0%


Male                                                                             12%

Female                                                                        88%

Prefer not to say                                                         0%

Do you consider your gender identity to be different from your registered sex at birth?

Yes                                                                                0%

No                                                                                100%


Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

No                                                                                82%

Yes                                                                              18%

Are your day to day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months?

Yes, limited a lot                                                          0%

Yes, limited a little                                                       12%

No                                                                                88%

Prefer not to say                                                         0%


Ethnic Group

Asian/Asian British                                                      0%

Mixed/Multiple Ethnic Groups                                      0%

White                                                                           100%


What is your religion or belief?

No religion or belief/Atheist                                         29%

Christian                                                                      59%

Any other religion                                                        6%

Prefer not to say                                                         6%

What is your sexual orientation?

Bi                                                                                   0%

Heterosexual/straight                                           100%

Other                                                                             0%

Socio Economic Background (education) & caring responsibilities

Secondary Education

UK State School (non selective)                                     82%

Uk State run (selective)                                                   6%

School outside the UK                                                      12%

Prefer not to say                                                                0%

What was the highest level of qualification achieved by either of your parent(s) or guardian(s) by the time you were 18

At least one has a degree level qualification                          6%

Qualifications below degree level                                         24%

No formal qualifications                                                         24%

Prefer no to say                                                                          6%

Primary carer for a child or children under 18

Yes                                                                              47%

No                                                                                53%

Caring responsibilities for other family members, friends, neighbours or others

None                                                                            94%

1 – 19 hours per week                                                6%

20 – 49 hours per week                                              0%

Prefer not to say                                                         0%