Regulatory Compliance 

Businesses today are being asked to operate in an environment far more constrained by regulations and bureaucracy than ever before. Such regulation, as well as requiring ever more administrative effort to comply with, also exposes owners and directors to the risk of falling foul of new legislation, with heavy fines or prison sentences the deterrent.  

Huw Williams, with over twenty years experience and full higher courts rights of audience, is one of the most skilled and seasoned criminal advocates in the region. In the unfortunate event of criminal charges being brought against an organisation, you could not be in better hands than Huw’s.

We also provide a risk-mitigation service. This entails precautionary and pre-emptive advice to ensure your business complies with ever-changing legislation. In an increasingly regulated environment we provide first class proactive and reactive advice to safeguard both the commercial and personal interests of our clients.

Business-people need to expend their energy in delivering products and services to their clients – A consultation not only provides peace of mind but may, in certain cases, prevent unnecessary and costly litigation.

Pre-emptive auditing to ensure compliance with sector or industry specific regulatory requirements. Advice on changes in the law applicable to YOUR business as and when they occur: 

- Business fraud
- Copyright theft
- Trademark infringements
- Patent Infringement
- Restraining orders
- Corporate manslaughter
- Director disqualification
- Directors and officers liability
- Corporate enquiries
- False accounting
- Fraud case & Serious Fraud Office Investigation
- HM Revenue and Customs Investigation
- VAT Investigation
- Health and Safety Executive investigation
- Office of Fair Trading Investigation
- Trading standards investigation
- Misuse of computers act
- FSA compliance
- Money laundering investigation
- Cash/money seizure
- POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act)

Please also see the additional services we offer in our Commercial Litigation Department.
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