Harrisons new mediation services

Mediation and why it is the way forward At Harrisons Solicitors we deal with many types of disputes for businesses and individuals. These disputes are often costly and time consuming. The disputes are complex and on many occasions the parties are unable to reach agreement. In that instance many people think that the only option then available is Court proceedings. Due to reforms which came into force on the on the 1st April 2013, this has now changed. Lord Justice Jackson who undertook the review and was responsible for the reforms, highlighted how mediation and joint settlement meetings were a highly effective means of achieving satisfactory resolution, he had noted however that it was clear that smaller businesses and the general public did not appreciate the benefits of mediation. There has been a push over the past 3 years to promote the use of mediation in civil and commercial disputes and as a result, mediation in all types of disputes is gaining momentum and is now achieving the recognition it deserves as a result of its overwhelming success. Mediation stands on its own now as a method of resolving disputes with some reports confirming success rates after a one day mediation averaging 75%. Courts also now penalise parties if they do not actively embrace mediation or any alternative form of dispute resolution. Harrisons Solicitors actively encourages the use of Mediation in all types of disputes. It is a confidential, cost-effective and speedy way of settling a dispute. Above all, it’s high success rate in producing a binding settlement, usually after a session of one day or less can assist in maintaining relations between the parties which may not be possible after Court proceedings. During the mediation process there is no commitment to any proposals unless a binding settlement is agreed and even if no settlement results, there can be no disclosure to the Court of the proposals discussed in the Mediation. Harrisons has two highly-trained ADR Group Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediators. We are at the forefront of developments in meeting the needs of the business community for swift, economical disposal of troublesome disputes. If you would like further information about mediation or are interested in engaging in mediation, please contact Emma Serjeant or Ceri Ellis-Jones on 01938 552 545