Criminal Law 

If you require advice and assistance relating to any criminal investigation or charges our Huw Williams, who has been practicing for over 20 years can assist.  

Huw Williams a Solicitor Advocate and a member of the Duty Solicitor Police Station Scheme at the Police Station can assist you at each stage of the process from advising on and attending Police Station interviews with you to representing you at court in either the Magistrates Court of the Crown Court through to the conclusion of your case.

Please contact Huw Williams on

01686 625134 or

If you are financially eligible then Legal Aid may also be available although this is subject to financial assessment. Huw Williams is experienced in criminal matters at all levels and is also a member of the Court Duty Solicitor Panel.

Harrisons criminal department has a Legal Aid franchise which represents a quality mark issued by the Legal Services Commission. You can therefore be assured that the standards of our service to you will be of the highest quality.