Commercial Property

A major consideration for any business will be its choice of premises. Whether you buy or rent premises they are likely to account for a significant percentage of your overheads. We recognise that it is vital to get the right premises on the right terms. 

If you are buying or selling premises we can advise on all aspects of the sale agreement and deal with any associated finance.   We have a wealth of experience of dealing with all kinds of transactions from straightforward units to large scale commercial developments remortgages and property portfolios.
Alternatively you may look to rent premises by either buying an existing lease or entering into a new lease. Business leases do not tend to be in a standard form as the terms when they are set up are subject to much greater negotiation. Accordingly the issues you will need to consider are significantly more involved than for residential leases. 
We can either advise you on and conduct those negotiations or advise you on the terms of an existing lease including:   

- The duration & break clauses
- Rent Reviews
- Service Charges
- Tenant security of tenure
- Selling or sub-letting the lease
- Security for the rent & guarantees

Getting the rights terms for you will either ensure adequate control of the Property if you are a Landlord or that you are not unduly burdened or restricted as a Tenant. Understanding the terms and your rights at the outset can avoid costly litigation or forced negotiation at a later date.
At Harrisons we understand that communication is key to ensuring that the transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible from your first contact with us through to getting you into the premises.   Our team will be happy to advise you on the procedure involved in buying selling or leasing a property.

We are happy to discuss the likely costs of your proposed transaction and always provide a written estimate of the likely cost to you in terms of our fees and the other expenses you will incur such as a Energy Performance Certificates, Search Fees, Stamp Duty, Land Registry fees etc.

For further information on these services please contact either  Paul Ingram  , Lowri Rees  or Huw Williams on

01938 552545 or or