Commercial Dispute Resolution

In a vastly diverse and competitive world economy, business conflict is increasingly common no matter how diligent you are. 

The protection of your business and possibly livelihood is a fundamental concern.  When that business critical problem hits your desk it can soon take up significant management time and stress not to mention finances.  

At this key time you need to have confidence that you have access to a legal team able to give clear and prompt advice aimed at achieving the commercial and cost effective resolution you require.  Whether you need to make or resolve a dispute concerning:

- a contract with a supplier or customer
- your business partner or co-director
- Intellectual property rights
- Employees
- Debt management
- Regulatry compliance
- Health and Safety
- Insolvency or liquidation

our Commercial Dispute Resolution Team has the expertise and resources to deal effectively and quickly with your case.  Whilst grounded in the law our advice is tailored to achieve the most viable and cost effective commercial resolution your circumstances permit.  If your case is weak or not financially worth your while pursuing, we will tell you.  If your case is strong we will advise you where the risk lies. In all cases we will give you clear and upfront estimates of the likely costs you will incur.  

Clearly 'prevention is better than cure'.   Whilst some disputes may be forced upon you there are proactive steps you can take to help minimise the risk of disputes taking up valuable time and resources.  

Our lawyers will be able to help avoid unwanted litigation by; 

- Drafting Contracts to regulate your business relationships
- Auditing your compliance with governing regulations
- Auditing and drafting your employment contracts
- Advising on potentially risky activity before it commences.

For further information on the additional services we offer in our Business Structure Debt Recovery, Employment and Regulatory Compliance departments please click on the relevant link. 

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