Commercial Brochure 

Traditional Service with a Modern Edge

The success of every efficient business relies to some extent on concentrating on core areas of expertise and specialist knowledge. Beyond this we inevitably stray into areas of greater risk, inefficiency or we compromise the quality of our customer service.
Legal advice is no different which is why at Harrisons our services to businesses are provided by Solicitors who specialise in commercial law. The experience and commercial awareness of our team means that we are able to provide you with a well resourced service (comparable with larger city firms) whilst remaining cost effective and focussed on your specific business objectives.
Our Commerical Brochure highlights the range of services our specialist Commercial Team provides from our offices in Welshpool and Newtown. 

What our Clients Say 

You don’t need to rely on my word regarding the quality of our services. It is the feed back from Harrisons’ clients that matters most and you will see the references in our Commercial Brochure from a number of major regional businesses. We are extremely proud of our association with these businesses but more importantly take great pride in our ability to assist any business that requires legal advice to achieve its objectives.

Our Offer to You

To demonstrate our belief in the quality of our service Harrisons is happy to offer you a free consultation to discuss any legal business issue you would like. To take up this opportunity please email me by clicking here.  I can then ensure that a Solicitor with the appropriate area of expertise contacts you.